Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Small Craft

View of the cockpit and wood macon oars.

More cartopping

This is an 18 foot Small Craft rowing shell that accepts the Piantedosi row wing, on the way to the water for a 2 hour row. These boats are no longer produced but can be found on the used market. With a 25" beam, these are the most stable rowing shells out there that you can squeeze some speed out of. They are great boats to learn on, especially in waters you need to share with large boats or rowing in very windy Bays.

Row Wing

Setting up a Piantedosi Row Wing. These are great drop in units for recreational row shells.

Top view

Another view of the new boat.


Cartopping a 21 footer is not a problem, even with a compact car.

The new boat

Here is the new boat. A 21 Wintech with an 18" waterline beam. Quick, light, responsive and able to handle the whitecaps and boat wakes of the Great South Bay, Long Island.